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This HELP section is for all courses/workshops contained within the Parenting Research Centre (PRC) E-Learning Hub. This includes online parenting programs, professional training, and staff development courses. It is suggested that you read through this entire section before you start your course to ensure you don't encounter any problems.

Some courses/workshops will also have some HELP information specific to how that course works. We suggest that you also read the additional HELP information after you open the course for the first time (usually a link in the top right corner).

Please note that this site has been tested on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari browsers. Below are some tips on using the site in these four browsers. If you are using a different browser and face any technical issue, please contact the PRC eLearning Centre at

When you have read through this page, click on your browser's Back button to return to the previous page.


Minimum system requirements

You will require an up to date browser to access courses in the PRC eLearning Hub. The minimum recommended browser versions are the following: Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 8, Safari 5, Google Chrome 11.

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Registering and enrolling as a new user

When you register an account at the PRC eLearning Hub you will need to have a valid and unique email address to complete the verification process. If another family member has already used a joint email address to create an account for themselves, you may need to signup for another free email account with an online provider such as Gmail or Hotmail to continue.

All current courses on the PRC eLearning Hub can be accessed by program/ project referral only. This means that you will need to follow links from the program websites to enrol, or follow links given to you by project administrators. If you are unsure who to contact about the program you are after, please contact our support email below for further advice.

If you are already a registered user on the PRC eLearning Hub, and want to enrol in another course, just follow the desired program weblinks, and login as usual to access an enrolment button that will add the course to your 'my programs' page.

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Enabling pop-up windows

Before you can start any of the courses in the PRC E-Learning Hub you will need to enable Pop Ups in your Internet browser. How you do this will vary depending on what software you are using. Please see below for instructions on 4 commonly used browsers.

For Internet Explorer

Select the Tools menu from the menu bar, choose Pop-up Blocker, and click Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.

For Safari

Click on the wheel icon in the top right of your browser window. In the menu, make sure Block Pop-Up Windows is not ticked.

For Mozilla Firefox

  1. From the Tools menu, select Options.
  2. In the resulting dialog box, click on the Content tab, make sure Block pop-up windows is not ticked, then click OK.

In the resulting dialog box, make sure Block pop-up windows is not ticked then click OK.

For Google Chrome

  1. Click on the menu icon in the top right of your browser window, and click on Settings.
  2. In the resulting dialog box, click the link to Show advanced settings.
  3. In the next dialog box, under the Privacy heading click the Content settings button.
  4. In the Content Settings dialog box, select the Allow all sites to show pop-ups radio button.

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Disabling additional toolbars

Please note that if after following the instructions below, the pop-ups still don't appear, you may have to disable any additional toolbars (such as Google or Yahoo, etc.) in your browser. Some toolbars include their own pop-up blocker and may interrupt the launch of the programs.

For Internet Explorer

  1. Select the Tools menu from the menu bar, choose Manage add-ons.
  2. In the resulting Toolbars and extensions dialog select any unwanted toolbars and click the Disable button in the bottom right corner.

For Firefox

  1. Select the View menu from the menu bar.
  2. Choose Toolbars to see which toolbars are active.
  3. Click on any toolbar to deactivate (untick) the toolbar.


For Mozilla Firefox

Does not have additional toolbars

For Google Chrome

Does not have additional toolbars

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Attempting Questionnaires

The courses/workshops in the PRC eLearning Hub include questionnaires and activities to help you better understand the topics. They will also help the developers to understand how effective the workshops are and where improvements might be made.

To complete a questionnaire, complete the following steps:

  1. From the course menu page select the questionnaire link
  2. The questionnaire introduction page is displayed. Click the Attempt questionnaire now button
  3. Follow the instructions on this page. Please make sure you answer all the questions displayed
  4. Complete the questionnaire and click the Submit button
  5. Click the link on the feedback page to return to the course page and continue with the next activity

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Viewing the modules

All modules with the information that you need to read are available on the course page. Click the appropriate link to open up the module.

Note: The modules open up in a pop-up window. Please ensure that pop-ups are enabled in your browser. See the Enabling pop-up windows instructions above.

Each course/workshop has its own HELP page with instructions on how to get around, or things you need to know only for that course. We recommend you read the course help when you open your first module. It can be found in the top right corner of the module screen.

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Using breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are site navigation tools that usually help you quickly find your way back to index or home pages. Although breadcrumbs are provided at the top of the PRC E-Learning Hub pages, we do not recommend their use for finding your way around courses/workshops. The breadcrumbs look as shown below:

The exception to this rule would be if you have lost your way and cannot find your course outline. In this instance you could click on the word Home to navigate your way back to the course outline. Read the instructions and click the links provided to find your way to the next part of your course.

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Printing Pages

Please note that when printing pages in the PRC eLearning Hub, you will need to change your printer preference settings to print in Landscape instead of Portrait to get the full width of the screen to print. Most courses also contain additional instructions about how to print in the top right corner of the pop-up window.

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Resizing Pages

If you find that words in your pop-up window are overlapping, or you need to scroll down the page to see the navigation buttons/arrows, try re-sizing your window. This will be different depending on which browser you are using, but often there will be an area in the bottom right corner where you can drag the window a bit larger. Resizing the window will not change the size of the text or images inside the window.

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Reporting Technical Difficulties

If you have technical difficulties with accessing any of the courses within the PRC eLearning Hub, please email us for assistance:

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